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The print bed Award was created to prevent the problem of warping and deformation of the object printer that mean a bad print.In fact AWARD -Anti Warping And Retraction Deformation- try to prevent this problem


It was developed with a student of chemistry, and it offers more adherence than standard plate.It dosn't use an heating resistor, it is not a hot bed, so you can avoid the inconvenience of burning vapor from the same plastic or by heating the plate yourself

Material Required

  • Tongue,Spatula
  • Plate used: metal,wood,glass,plastic

The product has the characteristics of a fluid using a spatula to distribute the product on the plate until he will get a unique surface After that you let the product air dry for about 15 minutes. Finally, you print on it

piatto standard in plastica Plexyglass o Policarbonato/Standard plastic plate
piatto standard in plastica con AWARD appena versato/Plate with Award as fluid
piatto standard in plastica trattato con AWARD/Plate at the end of process with Award


The results obtained by us with a plate treated with Award are visible here BLOG If the object does not adhere completely to the printing plate repeat the process

Comments on Award by the Users

Stefanoxjx said:

I tried AWARD and it works really well, not knowing how to use it took me a lot, then this morning when I saw it I knew it dry enough in reality half of what I used. The PLA attaches perfectly and also wanting to clean up the floor from AWARD, takes off as a simple film. I finally managed to make a decent print, some feel there's still room for improvement but at least one print "decent start to finish" came out:) The PLA attaches really well even when I did the first prints in the garage at 5 degrees. Now I would like to get some 'of Kapton to do a comparative test, but still AWARD (not a promotional message) I was really pleased.

ogetto stampato su piatto con AWARD (buon settaggio si skeinforge)/Object printed with AWARD plate
ogetto stampato senza piatto con AWARD(settato male su skeinforge)/Object printed without AWARD