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All in ONE

Release status: Working

Description Hotend full Metal for 1.75 & 3.00 mm filaments
License CC
Author Fourmi
Based-on Delta
Categories Hot End, Extruders
CAD Models none
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The hotend "All In ONE" (AI1) is a new full Metal hotend design. For 1.75 mm & 3.00mm filaments in the same kit. With 0.20/0.35/0.50 & 0.80 mm nozzles Up to 300°C For all filaments available on the markets ( PLA,ABS,Nylon,Flex....)

What contains the kit ?

- 1 x Hotend " All In ONE " (Cooler, thermal barrier, heater cartridge, nozzle 0.20/0.35/0.50/0.80 mm).

- 1 x cooling fan hotend 25x25x10 mm.

- 1 x printed support fan.

- 1 x encapsuled Thermistor NTC 100Ko +/-1 %

- 1 x Heater cartridge 12V / 40W

- bolt accessory stainless steel

- 1 Note of implementation.

In detail

The fixation of type J-HEAD, allows you to adapt it on various repraps.


Our hotends are manufactured on machining center (CNC), where from a quality and a tolerance of parts perfectly mastered.

A 0.01 mm tolerance is applied to the assemblies, to guarantee none leaks.


Nozzles are grooved for easy identification.


Where to buy ? Official shop

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