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Alto Documentation

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Release status: working

Alto 333 motoco.jpg
Description a scalable cartesian RepRap
License GPL
Author Emmanuel
Based-on Mondrian
Categories Alto, Cartesian-XYZ-head‎, T-Slot
CAD Models GitHub
External Link Flickr

<videoflash>nIDGWXvktuU</videoflash> <videoflash>PQrPReLId3k</videoflash>


  • Printed Parts: +/- 30
  • Non-Printed Parts:
  • Material Cost:
  • Cost:
  • Printing Size: 300x300x300 to 1000x1000x1000 (hence the name 333, 633, 844, etc.)
  • Resolution :
  • Accuracy :
  • Speed:

Special features

  • Made with a stationary big 8mm aluminium plate
  • Modular/scalable design (with the same printed part you can build a small cube or a big plotter frame, just choose accordingly your length of extrusions/belt)
  • Made with standard components, easy to reuse/recycle
  • Cost effective, being based on standard 20x20mm aluminium extrusion (with 6mm slot)
  • The frame is the linear guide for X, Y, Z axis
  • Fully enclosed
  • Smoothieboard inside


And see the flickr link for more :)

Hall of builds

Alto's "I made one" page.