Amar's plastic processing system

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plastic processing system

Release status: concept

Flaming a.jpg
Description 3D printer & filament extruder
License GPL
Author Abb()minat()r
Based-on ultimaker
Categories RepStrap
CAD Models none
External Link none

The objective of this project is to make a 3D printer and a filament extruder this will be accomplished using parts obtained locally and cheaply

Development halted due to studies, will continue in the near future.

3D Printer

The 3d printer will be similar to the ultimaker using the strengths of its design

progress pics

Filament Extruder

this will melt raw plastic pellets and turn them into feedstock(filament) to be used by the printer

the extruder will be made using whatever parts that are available and some custom parts that will be made on a lathe etc

progress pics


-Faraz - Mr.Akram - Hameer-