Argento Hot End

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Argento Hot End

Release status: Working

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Description PTFE linear Hotend
License Licencia Creative Commons Atribucion-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional
Author Javier Ameghino
Based-on [[[Arcol.hu_Hot-End_Version_4] [RepRapPro_Hotend]]]
Categories Extruders, Hot End
CAD Models none
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  • Use widely available materials
  • Mix several metals with different heat transfer coefficients to slow down convection.
  • Have a long and continous path where the transformation from solid to liquid takes places, in order to minimize turbulence and get a laminar output.
  • Get rid of PFTE/Peek in favor to make it more reliable/heat proof.
  • Easy to assemble design

First version conclusions

Aluminum was used for the heat sink. A stainless steel core barrel inserted inside as heat insulation for the filament. The brass nozzle goes inserted into an aluminum non threaded heating block.

Second version

Changing the core barrel for Stainless Steel grade 303 and using it as nozzle. Now the hotend is divided in 3 parts.

Third Version

Use PTFE liner (10mm aprox) in core barrel.

Fourth Version

minor changes in the heat sink and nozzle angule