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BAM (Big Alu Mendel)

Release status: working

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BAM is a derivative of the Mendel90 but with clear inspiration from Lulzbot TAZ
CAD Models
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After having had two kit-printers for many years (Ultimaker & Printrbot) I wanted to solve certain issues I had with these. I wanted larger build volume and more options when it comes to materials, so the design uses an all metal hotend with a directly driven extruder. While my design is based on the Open Source aluminium extrusions from Makeblock, this design can be built with any kind of extrusions. The Makeblock extrusions in the frame are 24x24mm but 20x20mm & 15x15 extrusions should also work fine.

For now this is a placeholder page, but I'll add more pictures as well as building instructions soon.


Github repository for BAM fork of Marlin

PID settings for the Hexagon hotend

Wades extruder & mounts

BulldogXL extruder & mounts

Direct Pinch Extruder


Noise dampening feet to print with NinjaFlex (or similar soft plastic)

Links to more information

Build log,

Advantages of this 3D printer compared to other printers

Custom controller with OLED screen for Marlin:

More pictures from the build:

Bill of Materials

This is the complete list of required parts to build this printer (Bill of Materials/BOM):

Makeblock part name # of parts used USD per part USD total Where is the part used on the printer?
Beam2424-512 10 12.99 129.90 Main structure
Beam2424-312 2 9.99 19.98 Supports the Y axis assembly and lifts it a bit
Beam0824-192 (4-pack) 6 5.25 31.49 At the ends of the Y-axis, 4 as the main frame supporting the build platform
Beam0824-144 (4-Pack) 6 4.25 25.50 5 as spacers in the main structure and one for the filament spool holder. This is the part attached to the main frame
Beam0824-112 (4-Pack) 2 3.75 7.50 Filament spool holder. These parts extend the holder to make it more sturdy
Beam0824-096 (4-Pack) 4 3.25 12.99 4 as spacers above electronics
Beam0824-048 (4-Pack) 1 2.00 2.00 1 used below the 192-beam for the Y-axis limit switch
Beam0824-032 (4-pack) 2 1.75 3.50 As spacers attaching the Y-axis to the main frame
Beam0824-016 (4-Pack) 1 1.00 1.00 1 tiny spacer to extend the 192-beam so the Y-axis limit switch fits
Hardware Pack (bunch of screws) 1 24.99 24.99 Lots of screws required. Haven't counted them all yet
Linear Motion Shaft D8x496mm 8 13.99 111.92 4 for Z-axis, 2 for Y-axis, 2 for X-axis (these two are cut to 440 mm each)
Linear Motion Slide Unit 8mm (Pair) 11 6.50 71.45 4 for Z-axis, 3 for the carriage on the X-axis, 4 for the build platform on the Y-axis
42BYG Stepper Motor Bracket 4 8.99 35.96 2 for Z-axis, 1 for Y-axis (under platform), 1 for X-axis
42BYG Stepper Motor 5 19.99 99.95 I have used 17hs8401 steppers (57N/cm) on all axes with 5mm shafts for extra torque, but price should be similar
Me Micro Switch 3 2.99 8.97 One homing-switch (minimum position) on XYZ axis
Nylon Pulley with bearing (4-Pack) 2 3.25 6.50 Used on the stepper bracket for the Y-axis. These must be perfectly centered to avoid print-errors!
Bracket P3 (Pair) 2 1.995 3.99 Holds rods for X-axis
Bracket 3x3 (4-Pack) 8 1.75 13.98 4 at the bottom of Z-axis rods, 1 holding the limit switch for the X-axis, 1 holding the print-fan, 2 on X-axis belt
Bracket U1 (Pair) 4 2.00 7.98 At each end of the X-axis, plus one at the end of the Y-axis, One holding tube that feeds plastic from spool
Bracket L1 (Pair) 4 1.25 4.98 Holds the top of the Linear Motion Shafts on the Z-axis
Belt Connector (Pair) 4 1.50 5.98 Two holds wiring from X-axis in place, one holds the belt, one holds the end at the Y-axis switch
Plate 3x6 (4-Pack) 18 1.25 22.46 4 fixes X-axis to main frame, 14 provides spacing at the Z/X-axis bracket, remaining hold bottom plates in place
Plate 7x9 (Pair) 11 2.00 21.95 4 for the corners of the build platform, 6 for the Z/X-axis bracket, 1 holding the Y-axis motor
Plate I1 (Pair) 2 2.49 4.98 Fixes Y-axis stepper to the main axis beams
Makeblock parts 122 670.61
E3d hotend 1 75.00 75.00 v6 HotEnd Full Kit - 3.00mm Direct (GBP 43)
5:8mm coupling 2 5 10.00 Couples the Z-axis stepper/screw
470mm threaded rod, 8mm thick 2 3.50 7.00 Z-axis threaded rod
35mm long 8mm nut 2 1.00 2.00 Couples X-axis to Z-axis
50mm fan with cover 1 9.00 9.00 Electronics fan. Very much required since the motors will pull 1.8A
50mm blower fan (K1BO) 1 5.00 5.00 Printing fan. Directs a steady stream of air to cool the print when required
Megatronics, stepsticks 1 165.00 165.00 Main electronics based on Megatronics 2.0, 5 x Polulu DRV8825
12V/400W power supply 1 42.00 42.00 Powers it all
Custom heatbed element 300x300mm, 12V 1 50.00 50.00 Allows for ABS printing
Custom alu plate 300x300x4mm 1 30.00 30.00 Distributes heat from the heating element
Blue 10 mm expandable, flat braided sleeving 5 0.70 3.50 Found on Ebay. Used for cable management.
MK8 extruder gear & 606Z bearing 1 12.00 12.00 Found on Ebay
Electronics & 3DP parts 19 410.50
3D printed extruder parts 1 5.00 5.00 Estimate. Could be CNC'd from aluminium to look perfect :)
3D printed extruder bracket (11x7) 1 5.00 5.00 Estimate. Could be an aluminium 11x7 plate with a 6mm drill hole + two cuts to resemble plastic version
Springs, 7mm inner, 9mm outer, 22mm height 4 1.50 6.00 Springs for bed leveling. Found at
Printed & various other parts 6 16.00
Total 147.00 1097.11