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Release status: Experimental

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Description BHead HotEnd
License GPL
Author Balestrino
Based-on [[]]
Categories Hot End, Extruders
CAD Models github
External Link


BHead has been designed to be simple, easily removable and for changing parts quickly.

Uses the groove to connect to the extruder (that's great! no more plates, screws, fancy holders..)

You can customize nozzles (ranging to 0.3mm to 0.7mm) and hotblocks.


Hotend is made of brass (aluminum under test) and thermal barrier is made of PEEK.

a PTFE tube is inside the thermal barrier (tube outer diamter 6mm / inner diameter 3.18mm)



  • Groovemount like J-Head/Makergear
  • very strong and simple design. no fancy parts
  • easy of changing nozzle
  • power heater cartridge 6mm, 12V or 24V, 40W
  • heaterblock have a deep hole for NTC termistor

Compatible with

- Wade's and Greg's accessible extruder

- Printrbot Bowden Cable mod (

- any Groovemount

- with all snap-in JHead extruder --- --- --- ---

- GRRF extruder mount (

CAD Drawing

Updated CAD drawings on github

Preview: (may be outdated!) BHead wireframe.JPG


Using A Mounting Groove

Use a nozzle holder that is machined with the optional mounting groove and a cold-end that is designed for using a mounting groove or an adapter plate adapter plate for a mounting groove. In this configuration, a mounting groove is normally required.

Using the Mounting Holes in the Wade Extruder

Wade Extruder



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BHead groovemount.jpg