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Bill of Materials (BOM) for Darwin's Cartesian Robot

Table of Contents


  • All rods are dia. 8mm
  • All studdings are M8
  • All lengths are in mm
  • Rod syntax: "Rod 355" = dia. 8mm rod, length 355 mm
  • Vocabulary: grubs (grub screws) are sometimes called set screws
  • Bolt syntax: "M5 x15 cap" = M5 bolt, 15mm long, cap head. Other bolt heads are compatible (e.g. pan head) but avoid hex heads as there is sometimes not room enough for a spanner.
  • Darwin's design houses both metric and imperial equivalents:
  • M5 nut and bolt ---> 3/16" (BSF) nut and bolt. (UNC equivalent: 10 UNC x 24)
  • Ø8mm bar ---> 5/16" bar

Parts Lister Link

If you're looking to order your bits click here to go to the RepRap Parts Lister. It will save you a huge amount of time and frustration by listing your bits together with relevant suppliers.

Before ordering parts please check here for notes and variations.

If you need the STL files for the rapid-prototyped parts check out the latest Object Files release from Sourceforge here.

Central BOM for Cartesian Robot

<iframe width='100%' height='800' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe> Edit file on Google Spreadsheets

Google will maintain an edit history.

RP parts glossary and STL CAD files

The STL files for all the RP parts for RepRap Version 1.0 "Darwin" are available for download from SourceForge in the file here, where x.y.z will be the latest version number.

Those files work as they stand, but they need to be tidied up. There's a page here that tracks the progress of that tidying process. As part of that tidying process, in May 2007 the filename has become

At the moment the STL files are not all generated from AoI, and this means that not all of them will load properly into the RepRap software. We are working to correct this, but meanwhile here's a workround (thanks to Andy Sterne):

Procedure for generating corrected .stl files from Solidworks:

  • Open the file in wordpad or notepad
  • Save it with the extension .csv instead of .stl
  • Use Cntrl+H to replace all spaces with a comma and a space
  • Save the file and exit
  • Browse to the file and double click on it to open it in Excel
  • Use Cntrl+A to select the entire worksheet
  • Right click and select format cells
  • Select the Number tab and highlight the category Number
  • Change the Decimal places to 12
  • Click ok
  • Use Cntrl+C to copy the entire worksheet
  • Open wordpad or notepad and use Cntrl+P to paste the entire worksheet into the file
  • Save the file with a slightly different name and with the extension of .stl
  • Open RepRap.jar (or run the program from Eclipse) and load the part file to verify