Bearing clip 01

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Bearing clip 01

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Bearing clip 01
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Build notes

The flexures should all be one filament thick. The parts that go through the bearing are two small towers. It is easy for the printer to either print these poorly because the previous layers are still soft, or because the filament does not adhere well enough to the previous layer. This item is useful to fine tune the printer settings (temperature, wait time, etc).

This item depends on the elastic properties of ABS. It will probably require modification to work well with PLA.


Simple printable way of mounting a 608 skate type bearing.

The AOI file has features to allow easy use in other Art of Illusion models. Do this by "unioning" the center piece where you want the bearing, then subtract the "cutter sheaf" to make the flexures. The center piece and cutter sheaf (flexure cutter) should both have their origin at the center of where you want the bearing to be. For instance, if you want the bearing to be centered at 12.5,61 then set the center piece and flexure cutter to have the same position. Other than rotation, this will put them in the right place.

Note that this should be oriented so that any sideways force on the bearing should be on the fixed part of the center piece, not the one with the flexures. The item pictured is set up for pressing the bearing against an item on the side that overhangs the edge of the rectangle.

This design was inspired by a desire to make a printable clip.


Photos and Drawings