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Description documenting a generic tool/artpiece
License GPL
Author Example_User
Based-on Delta
Categories none
CAD Models none
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If anyone is interested this device [] uses ABS 3.5" plastic discs connected to 4 inch nylon webbing. The conveyor is advanced by a 1 rpm AC gearhead motor. The webbing is stretched using a tensioning device and it seems to stay put during printing... at least enough for my purposes. The total length of the conveyor for this device is roughly 20'. I have also successfully used a 40' version.

Each time the device does a new print it centers itself. Before it begins printing the onion plant it puts down a 2" x 2" raft of ABS. This helps the prints stick to the discs as they get taller. Hope this helps. -Bowen -,36933 - , quoted by --Sebastien Bailard 08:02, 24 February 2010 (UTC)