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Hi folks,

have fun building your very own BrickRap (and making it better ;-)

Bill of Materials (BOM)

File:BrickRap BOM.pdf


File:BrickRap Final

Tipps and Tricks

- Try to print some easy to print stuff first, in order to optimize your printing settings (infill, layer height, layer width). I suggest: "BrickRap_6er_stange.stl" and "BrickRap_Bond_set_6fach thinner.stl"

- you don't necesarrily need screws to fix the 28BYJ48-stepper-motor to the fittings they should fit tight. You could also print some clips based on "BrickRap_Bond_set_6fach thinner.stl"

- Make sure to have the cabling of the 28BYJ48-stepper-motor correct: (For Ramps 1.4: blue cable goes into 2B, yellow cable goes into 2A, orange cable goes into 1A, pink cable goeas into 1B) ((red cable is cut off and goes into dust bin ;-)

- Use something like 5 steps/mm and 10 mm/s for first trials. The motors are slow and can get hot, make sure to reduce current if that happens! Remember: the motors are sold as 5V stepper motors. However, in my setup they work quite well for at least 20 minutes.

- Have fun puzzling the pieces together! I would like to upload more pictures to make assembly easier, but I do not have any camera right now.

Known Issues

- no extruder mounting included

- chain does not work well

- chain-gear needs rework

- no endstop mounting included

=> Make it better, and maybe even cheaper !!! (And let me know, if you made it!)

My BrickRapManifest

The first goal of developing a 3D-Printer shall be: Make it as cheap as possible. Most people in the world cannot afford one yet!

The second goal of developing a 3D-Printer shall be: Make it as modular as can be. Parts can easily be reused. Let there be no waste!

The third goal of developing a 3D-Printer shall be: Make it as much fun as can be. Fun helps making people smile ;-)

Let there be a vital community of BrickRappers all over the world, creating a world of Bricks !!!

My personal future development wishlist for BrickRap

- pls someone develop a Brick-based extruder design using the 28BYJ48-stepper-motor (it's ultra-high-torque), this would bring cost further down.

- pls someone make the electronics cheaper. It accounts for nearly a third of BrickRap's total build cost.

- Replace more vitamins! It's easy to replace the washers.

- Replace more vitamins! It's quite hard to replace the threaded rod.

- Reduce power consumption further. The small steppers (28BYJ48) already help a lot, but heatbed and extruder still loose too much energy. pls someone find solutions to cheaply insulate the bed to the bottom, as well as the extruder hot end.

- create more variants of BrickRap. create BrickBots. create!!!