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Bearing surface with no rolling elements.
Wikipedia Bushing (bearing)

A bushing is a plain bearing (no rolling elements) that only provides a bearing surface. They are less noisy than linear ball bearings, but not always practical to integrate. In addition to commercial available bushings, there are a slew of printable bushing designs available on Thingiverse. These include self-centering bushings, LM8UU bearing style bushings, and clip on bushings.


Vendor From Product Bore Material Additional notes
3DMakerWorld US 8mm bushing and 10mm bushing 8 and 10 mm bronze
Alfa-Tech3D DK Self-lubricating Bearing 8 mm bronze Delivered Worldwide
RobotDigg CN Self-lubricating Bearing 8 and 10 mm bronze
Goldmine US Bushing with flange 8 mm bronze Don't use on 5/16" rod.
Paoparts FR Iglidur D6 6 mm plastic  
Paoparts FR Iglidur D8 8 mm plastic  
Igus US many multiple    
TechPaladin US Sleeve Bushing 8 mm bronze Self-aligning.
HexaCube DE igus RJ4JP and RJMP, Self-lubricating bearing 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm bronze, plastic shipping within Europe.

UHMWPE bushings

One RepRapper has used Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene to create self-lubricating bushings that are less noisy, but deform under load and have increated wear and play over time compared to linear bearings. More information in DIY linear bearings (no PLA) on the forum.