Cartesian Bot Improvements

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Cartesian Bot Improvements
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Belt Tensioners and Anti-Vibration Feet.
CAD Models
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Belt Tensioner

A very useful addition is the belt tensioner.
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Alternate Belt Tensioner

My Z belt was a bit slack after gluing it together so I needed a belt tensioner. problem was that I have no patience. I wanted it now! thus, the ScarpTioner was born!

Use one piece of threaded rod, one piece of smooth rod, two diagonal tie brackets, the foot spacer, some nuts and washers and voila! the ScrapTioner!

(Image to be added soon)

Anti-vibration feet


These are spring feet that fit on the bottom of a RepRap machine to damp the transmission of vibrations from the machine to whatever surface it is resting on.

If that surface is resonant, a RepRap machine without these feet can make quite a bit of noise. These reduce that noise significantly.

Details and downloads are here on Thingiverse.