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Please add the one of the Sub-Category names below to the Development template on the machine pages that are on the RepRap Wiki so they will be listed in the correct subcategories on the Mechanical Arrangement page. If the page does not have the Development box yet you can just add the link at the end of the page.

If a new subcategory is needed request it here or use the Other-Mechanism sub-Category.

  • [[:Category:Robot-Arm|Arm]] [[Category:Robot-Arm]]
  • [[:Category:Cartesian-XY-head|XY-head]] [[Category:Cartesian-XY-head]]
  • [[:Category:Cartesian-XZ-head|XZ-head]] [[Category:Cartesian-XZ-head]]
  • [[:Category:Cartesian-X-head|X-head]] [[Category:Cartesian-X-head]]
  • [[:Category:Cartesian-Z-head|Z-head]] [[Category:Cartesian-Z-head]]
  • [[:Category:Cartesian-XYZ-head|XYZ-head]] [[Category:Cartesian-XYZ-head]]
  • [[:Category:Compliant-Link|Compliant]] [[Category:Compliant-Link]]
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  • [[:Category:Laser Cutter|Laser]] [[Category:Laser Cutter]]
  • [[:Category:Other-Mechanism|Other]] [[Category:Other-Mechanism]]
  • [[:Category:Polar|Polar]] [[Category:Polar]]
  • [[:Category:Powder|Powder]] [[Category:Powder]]
  • [[:Category:Scara|SCARA]] [[Category:Scara]]
  • [[:Category:UVResin|Resin]] [[Category:UVResin]]

KalleP 00:58, 8 September 2013 (UTC)

Technology or media categories should find own home

I believe there will soon be need for a new category list that is separate from this Mechanical Arrangement list.

The Powder and UV rein should not be options of Mechanical arrangement as they can be various. The type of media could also be plastic filament, wax (pumped/jetted/melted, metal wire (MIG), concrete/ceramic, food and composite (multiple materials) THey should all have a good home separate from Mechanical Arrangements.

I think there should be an overall category for Media or Technology or perhaps even two categories for both these differentiators.

Powder printers may use wax/plastic/metal and may formed with liquid binders, IR enhancers, laser, hotpoint or light sintering and these choices should be in one category with all the FFD and UV resin technologies.

Perhaps the Polar mechanical arrangements may need to be subdivided soon into a few more specific ones to account for the large variety (even though there are very few variants of each).

KalleP (talk) 13:14, 12 February 2014 (PST)

X Axis Mount for Prusa using only LM8UU bearing holders

I would like just a flat Plate with mounting for 3 or 4 Lm8UU bearing holders that INCLUDES a Belt holder AND future possibilty for dual Extruder? so far all Iv'e seen printed includes the holders, My idea is, just a flat plate with the hole patterns, and to take it even further we can make a series of 6 holes of wich the center 2 will hold the single motor til the upgrade too double extruders does anyone have a design for this?