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Release status: experimental

Description This is the root page for all Ceta based Developments and Information.
License GPL 3
Author BlueTears
Based-on [[]]
CAD Models Files Located on Github
External Link Github


Current Models

Currently there are planned to be 4 different variants of the Ceta based upon the design of the actual capability of the printer, and what it will be meant to be used for. Also there is plans for compatible parts across all models that will be able to be hot swapped or swapped between printers with little to no effort.


Ceta Commerson

Ceta Dolphin

The goal of the Ceta Dolphin is to be an affordable, 3d printer that is both easy to setup but also targets no calibration between prints, and little to no calibration between disassembly and re-assembly. The name for the Dolphin comes off the idea that as a Cetacean, a Dolphin is fairly nimble, around average and speed. The Dolphin vs the other versions of the Ceta, this is the recommended version as it has a fairly large build area, is designed for a fairly decent speed, and will require little maintenance.

Current Parts List
Part Image 3d Printable File Location
40mm by 40mm by 410 mm Aluminum Extrusion (not yet made) N/A N/A
Rail Wheels (not yet made) Yes (not yet available)
Rail End-Caps (not yet made Yes (not yet available)
Rail Spacers (not yet made) Yes (not yet available)

Ceta Orca

Optional Toolsets/Accessories

Ceta Beluga