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What is it?

Cheaptrick is an experimental motion system to create a lower cost, easier to align mechanism than linear rods and bearings like LM8's etc...

X Axis Ideas

The Tightrope

High tension cable around 3 idlers and 1 spool drum on the motor shaft similar to the filament drive spools used on kossel etc... Eliminates timing belt in exchange for more affordable wire cable, like fishing line leader from sporting goods stores. The X would be a 'plate' that would hold the idlers, motor and support the Z column top mounted mechanics, like nut/etc.... Would work best for bowden, with a light carriage carrying the hotend and fans. This should have a wide 'stance' between the cables, as one side of the cable would be attached to the platform, and the other side would be caged but not attached, like in a delrin/plastic block of the same diameter of the cable, maybe with a slight angle so there is tension on the carriage so it acts to restrain it from tilting up/down in that degree of freedom.

Y Axis Ideas

Continuous Loop Bed

Continuous loop belt of material that print will adhere to, like kapton tape or a fabric that could possibly be sewn into the loop. This 'belt' passes around one shaft driven by a motor directly coupled to the end, thus reducing the need for timing belt and pulleys.

Z Axis Ideas

C Column

Single column, like in a knee mill or 'bridgeport' style mill, so it's only on one side and carries the X axis and it's weight from behind

Public Domain Legal Description

DEC. 11 2013

An open source apparatus comprising:

an extruder including a chamber to receive a build material and an extrusion tip that extrudes the build material at a controlled volumetric rate;

a controller electrically coupled to each of the x-y-z positioning assembly, and the extruder, the controller operable to control the x-y-z positioning assembly, and the extruder, to fabricate an object in three-dimensions from the build material;

a conveyor build platform including a surface that is rigid and substantially planar acting as at least one axis of said x-y-z positioning assembly.