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The Clone Wars project is a project started by people from the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) with the goal of promoting the making of RepRaps ("clones") around Spain. Over the time it has become the main hub for the Spanish community.

One of the principal ideas to encourage people to build RepRaps is the concept of a "Jedi ladder", in which people advance in ranks while building its own RepRap clone and helping others build them. The ranks roughly follow the nomenclature of the Star Wars universe:

  • Basic ranks
    • Applicant: Gathering info.
  • Academy ranks
    • Cadet: Shopping for parts, cutting the rods, etc.
    • Padawan: Basic frame built.
    • Jedi candidate: Printer ready. Haven't printed anything yet.
  • Jedi ranks
    • Jedi: First object printed.
    • Jedi Master: Complete set of printer parts printed.
    • Jedi Council member: First child from a printed set.
    • Supreme Jedi Councilor: Two childs from 2 printed sets.
    • Jedi Order Master: Three or more childs.
  • Special ranks
    • Generation 0: All the RepStraps.

All the statuses of the printers are kept in the wiki and updated regularly. As this info only matters to the Spanish community and changes frequently, only the Spanish page is updated. This page is kept as a brief explanation of the project for English speakers.


In this page we keep the printers still in construction.

The Clone Wars Jedi Academy is located here.



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