Comparison of open-source 3D printers

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Below you will find a matrix that compares common desktop 3D printers classified as Open-Source Hobbyist & Do-it-Yourself systems. I put this together with information from which compares almost all desktop 3D printers. Take a look at the link if you get the chance, or just focus on our world below.

DIY printer matrix.jpeg

It's clear that these Do-it-Yourself 3D Printers are all pretty similar in strengths and weaknesses, primarily complete adaptability and poor quality finishes, respectively. What this proves, though, is that there is a vast amount of potential for ground to be made in the open-source world.

Trends in 3D Printing for November of 2014 illustrate some of the best Desktop 3D Printers out there in terms of overall performance. According to 3DHubs [1] the top Desktop 3D Printer is the Form 1 by FormLabs. Coincidentally, this printer is the only machine in the Top 20 that utilizes stereolithography, which limits the material selection to photopolymers. All other 18 (there are two types of the Form 1 in the top 20) utilize Fused Deposition Modeling, which is how our RepRaps operate. Follow the link to for the complete list.