Control Board assembly and wiring

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Bill of materials | The main panel frame assembly | Y-axis assembly | X-axis assembly | Z-axis assembly

Connecting X-axiz and Z-axiz | Power and LCD assembly | Extruder assembly | Heating bed assembly

power switch and end stops assembly | Control Board assembly and wiring | Circuit Diagram

Board assembly

Need parts:

Prusa i3 control board assembly.jpg

  • 1. 1×2004 LCD
  • 2. 1×RAMPS 1.4
  • 3. 1×Mega 2560
  • 4. 4×A4988 driver
  • 5. 2×M3*30 screw
  • 6. 2×M3 flat gasket
  • 7. 2×M3 lock nut
  • 8. 2×plastic spacer
  • 9. 4×heat sink

Step 1

Insert RAMPS 1.4 to Mega 2560.

Prusa i3 control board assembly1.jpg

Step 2

Insert motor chip(A4988).

Prusa i3 control board assembly2.jpg

Step 3

Install the heatsink.

Prusa i3 control board assembly3.jpg

Step 4

Install the M3 * 30 screws.

Prusa i3 control board assembly4.jpg
Prusa i3 control board assembly5.jpg

Step 5

Install the plastic spacer.

Prusa i3 control board assembly6.jpg

Step 6

Inserted into the left side of the acrylic plate.

Prusa i3 control board assembly7.jpg

Step 7

Install M3 lock nut, and tighten.

Prusa i3 control board assembly8.jpg


Extruder wiring

Step 1

Extrusion motor wires was cut plug,, and connect 4P Dupont line and weld, the fan connect black, Red parallel lines, then and nozzle double red, double white tangled together with the tube.

Prusa i3 wring.jpg
Prusa i3 wring1.jpg

Step 2

Plug the motor wires connect into EO on the control board.

Prusa i3 wring2.jpg

Nozzle wiring

Step 1

The nozzle heat resistance double red wires connect D10.

Prusa i3 wring3.jpg

Step 2

Nozzle thermistor double white wires insert control board T0.

Prusa i3 wring4.jpg

X-axis wiring

Double green wires connect 2P Dupont insert control board end stops bottom 1, x axis motor wires Insert control board X.

Prusa i3 wring5.jpg
Prusa i3 wring6.jpg

Heated bed wiring

Step 1

Heat bed thermistor double insert control board T1.

Prusa i3 wring7.jpg

Step 2

Heat bed twisted pair cable insert control board D8, note that the positive and negative electrodes.

Prusa i3 wring8.jpg

Y-axis wiring

Step 1

Y axis motor wire insert control board “ Y”

Prusa i3 wring9.jpg

Step 2

End stop double blue insert third row from bottom to up on control board ”END STOPS”.

Prusa i3 wring10.jpg

Step 3

Y axis end stops double black wires insert the fifth row from bottom to up.

Prusa i3 wring11.jpg

green terminals wiring

Red,blue,red,black wires connect into green terminals(note that the positive and negative electrodes),the other end connect 12v 250w power supply(note that the positive and negative electrodes).

Prusa i3 wring12.jpg

Z-axis wiring

Step 1

Z axis motor left side blue wire connect right side red,left side green connect right side black,and then weld.

Prusa i3 wring13.jpg

Step 2

Right motor green blue wires connect another wire and weld to extend longer.

Prusa i3 wring14.jpg

Step 3

Above extended wires connect left side motor dupont plug geer,blue wire.

Prusa i3 wring15.jpg

Step 4

Z axis motor wires insert control board “Z”.

Prusa i3 wring16.jpg

Fan wiring

The fan black,red wire connect control board D8 (note that the positive and negative electrodes).

Prusa i3 wring17.jpg