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Creation Workshop SLA / FDM Slicing and Control Software

The Creation Workshop SLA Slicing and Control software can be used for : (wet) liquid stereolithography and (dry) powder 3D printing. It now also support controlling standard FDM printers through the use of Slic3r.

Creation Workshop Beta 13 Well, the time has finally come to release the next version of Creation Workshop. I keep saying this, but it's been too long since I made a release. Thanks to the help of dozens of users, I was able to make fixes and improvements to the slicing, generation of GCode, control of the printer, multiple profiles, and dozens of other items.

I've taken the time to update the manual and add in a hardware guide to address many of the question I have about my setup.

You can get the latest Version 13 Beta from the usual spot here: [1]

I've set up a website for the latest news, information, and forums here: [2]

Please take the time to play around with it and give some feedback. I look forward to hearing from you all. Final Words: This project has taken quite a bit of time and effort. I would love to see this application become a part of the community tools for printer control. Please take the time to report any bugs, give any constructive feedback and design recommendations to: [email protected] If you appreciate this program, please also consider donating to me via @ [3]  !