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Cubic Meter Bot

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A new metal RepRap
CAD Models
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This is 600 pixels wide, and on the left.

Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY These are CAD files for the Solid Model Assembly, --Bogdan.kecman 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Your-File-Name CAD FILES FOR PARTS These are CAD files for each part., --Bogdan.kecman 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Your-File-Name EVEN MORE FILES These are are even more files., --Bogdan.kecman 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)|-
Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY This is the final finished machine N/A --Bogdan.kecman 12:00, Tomorrow's Date, 20xx (UTC)
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A scaled up RepRap with a 1000x1000x1000mm build area.

Design Goals

  1. to be able to print ABS/PLA/PP/PE (so just like any ordinary reprap/repstrap).
  2. to be able to print Silicone/ Clay and other Paste like substances.
  3. to have minimum 2 heads, easy changeable, possibly with automated changing mechanism (for e.g. like a Plotter)
  4. to be able to do 2.5D Milling (Milling Head)
  5. high precision (error below 0.005mm)
  6. low price (to be under 2000GBP)
  7. to be easy to assemble
  8. big print area (1x1x1m)
  9. Heated Bed
  10. Heated Chamber

The one thing that might be there too is using a printer head attachment too so one can print solutions but that's not one of the goals. I want to have it precise enough to support it, if I get there I can easily work on further add ons.

Other large-print-volume printers

scaling to larger RepRap has a few ideas on making a RepRap with a larger print volume, and lists other large-print-volume RepRaps.