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In this section i will be quick showing more or less how the mechanics should be assemble. This page was done by Tatubias. Please update with your images and better explanation text

Here you can see more or less all the basics parts that you need. You can see all printed parts. also nuts, screws, rods, stepper motors, drivers, etc

Cyclone tutorial 1.jpg

First cut and drill the base. i did sent them to laser cut and laser drill to avid miss alignments. Then paint them with the color that you want. i did use MDF wood. Glue with silicon Rubbers to avoid nuts scratch the table surface.

20150727 113351.jpg

Put the bolts and nuts to the 2 laterals and tight them not to much we need them lose so later we can align all the machine.

20150727 113836.jpg

The add the support for the Y axis

20150727 114241.jpg

Put nuts and bolt to the y rods support. left them little lose so then you can align them with the machine structure.

20150727 114733.jpg

Note: here i recommend to install the end stop, the it will be more complicated to do this.

Get the plate where drilling will happen add the supports for the pcb add the nuts for all the parts. also in the back part add the support and the linear bearings. Do NOT tighten too much then we will need to align all the machine

20150727 114917.jpg

20150727 115015.jpg

20150727 115034.jpg

20150727 115131.jpg

In the back part, now you will be installing the anti backslash system :P. install the nuts and bolts. dont tighten too much either.

20150727 115437.jpg

Now we will assembly the y axis. check the picture there you will see all the parts you need.

20150727 120201.jpg

20150727 120154.jpg

This is how it looks fully assembly from below.

20150727 120531.jpg

Mount the plate into the machine. dont tight the rods to the structure.

20150727 120841.jpg

tight all the nuts and bolts from the y axis

20150727 120645.jpg

20150727 120847.jpg

20150727 120908.jpg

Now its time to align the plate. move the plate to one of the sides. then tight all the nuts and bolts.

20150727 121229.jpg

Then move the plate to the other side and tight all th nuts ab bolts, if you did not add the end stop add it now.

20150727 122832.jpg

By the moment we have assembly, the base, the basic structure and the y axis. now it time to Assembly X axis and Y axis

Install the linear bearing on the X carrage. and put the nuts and bots. dont tight too much

20150727 122918.jpg

20150727 122924.jpg

Now we are putting all that is need for the x axis

20150727 132246.jpg

20150727 132249.jpg

20150727 132252.jpg

Install the rod into the structure. dont tight too much either.

20150727 133018.jpg

NOTE: dot not install the nut in the picture below, it is not needed!

20150727 133029.jpg

20150727 133054.jpg

20150727 133046.jpg

Here its how we are now.

20150727 133214.jpg

Now is time to mount the z. Get the threaten rod for the z ax add 2 nuts. and mount as its on the photograph.

NOTE: The bottom nut is not needed, do not install it!

20150727 135737.jpg

Now add the bearing, and the other nut (ignore the bottom one in the picture!)

20150727 135955.jpg

Add the smooth rods.

20150727 140031.jpg

Mount the bearing and the linear bearing.

20150727 140617.jpg

Mount the motor, and mount all into the smooth rods

20150727 141113.jpg

20150727 141125.jpg

20150727 141150.jpg

Now install the gears.

20150727 141403.jpg

20150727 141423.jpg

Now add the gears for the x axis

20150727 142021.jpg

Add the covers for the gears.


Now install the final endstop. and we are ready

20150727 142612.jpg

Here are some pictures of the final assembly

20150727 144702.jpg

20150727 144745.jpg

20150727 144803.jpg

20150727 144745.jpg