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A commercial version of the Darwin sold as a kit.
CAD Models
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The Bits From Bytes version of RepRap

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The RapMan is a proprietary commercial work based on the Darwin with

  • Different electronics (no PC required, working with gcode-files off an SD-card utilizing an OLED display as user interface) and
  • The rapid prototyped parts replaced by laser cut acrylic parts, and
  • A different extruder (said to be quite reliable)
  • Electronics, CAD files of acrylic parts and the BOM are mostly closed source

It is sold by Bits From Bytes as a kit containing all required parts and assembly instructons.
The new RepMan Pro is even sold pre-assembled and ready to run as an offering mostly to technical, educational institutions.

BitsFromBytes have released some versions of their firmware under a Creative Commons license, but they're almost never current. To reduce the dependence on releases at their discretion, an open source fork of the firmware was proposed.

The Bits From Bytes instructions for assembling their lasercut Darwin bot are available here. Or perhaps there. Or maybe over there.

The Bits From Bytes version of RepRap is available as a lasercut kit from the company Bits From Bytes. Go to the Bits From Bytes website for details of how to buy one.

But - as RepRap is a free project - the Bits From Bytes designs are all available for download so you can make your own too. You can get them from the RepRap Subversion Repository here.

The Bits from Bytes Polymer Extruder

Follow this link For details of how to build the Bits from Bytes Polymer Extruder.

The Bits from Bytes Cartesian Robot

Follow the Bits From Bytes Cartesian Robot link For details of how to build the Bits from Bytes Cartesian Robot.

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