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An Extruder Design on a Reprap Darwin

This page aims to contain links to all RepRap related development. This is the leading-edge and experimental part of the RepRap experience!

How you can help?

You are encouraged to add RepRap- and RepStrap-related work, even if you didn't initially create it; just make sure to attribute it appropriately. Please also include as many pictures and diagrams as you can. These really help understanding.

Adding development work from the Main Blog, the Builder's Blog and the Forums so that new RepRappers can find it is especially appreciated.

If you have bunch of good ideas for making RepRap better, but you want to focus on just one of them, you can drop off the other good ideas at Wanted Objects or Ideas to place.

How To Add a Development

A "development" page shows all current and previous development for an experiment related to the Reprap project. This is the place to put your build logs and to document your research; You will reach a much larger audience if you post a "development" page on the wiki, rather than in your personal blog, and the wiki framework allows others to contribute and expand on your ideas.

The list at the bottom of this page shows all the development pages currently on the wiki.

If you have never contributed to a wiki, first try filling out your user page. That should give you an introduction into how to edit pages. In fact, you might want to use your user page to get everything formatted the way you would like, upload your pictures and such, and then just copy it into it's own page when you are satisfied and ready to 'publish'.

If you have a project that needs it's own page, just type its name into your browser navigation toolbar like this: 

and hit return.

It's best to pick a unique name, but also try to get a feel for the current naming conventions before settling on a specific name.

If you choose a name that's already taken by someone else, that page will come up so you will know. If your name is new, you'll get instructions. Click on "edit this page".


All development pages are identified by an info box in the upper right of page. To add an empty infobox to your page (and appear in the list below) add:

{{Development:Stub}} //identifies pages under construction. remove when the page is relatively stable.

To the top of your page. You will want to add info into this infobox, of course. The Info box, like anything on a wiki, is constantly being modified and improved, so for a list of Infobox template parameters, go to the Template:Development page.

Other useful templates

Other templates can be added to a page as well. you can use them as flags to alert other users to issues with a page, or of upcoming changes. Templates can be added by putting {{ currly brackets }} around the template name. Some templates have useful parameters, so it's best to check the template page for more detailed instructions.