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Release status: unknown

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Description A RepStrap made from wood and hardware store materials
License GPL
Author Waiasaur
Based-on Delta
Categories RepStrap, Wood
CAD Models none
External Link none

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I've completed my wooden reprap. All I have to do now is to fine tune my machine, and incorporate improvements like a heated bed. I thought I'd make this post separate so It's easier to find, my first post was Building a mendel: a noobs tale

This is a picture of it all wired up to Gen6 electronics

A picture of the bottom, to show the Z axis drive belt and pulleys

A picture of my first and second prints, both are supposed to be 15 mm cubes. The more cube-like one is my 2nd print.

I will post higher resolution pictures later of my printed cubes with a ruler for reference later so that you guys can critique them for me. I want to know what I could do to make my prints even nicer.