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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Release status: Working

open source remote monitoring and control system for Repraps/RepStraps/3d scanners
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Hello everyone !

I just finished and released the first version of an open source remote monitoring and control system for Repraps/RepStraps/3d scanners. It includes a Web client (using Javascript + Jquery + WebGl) and server (pure Python ):

Current Features


  • upload and print: select the file, upload it, print it
  • remote monitoring: keep an eye on the print heads movement, the print progress,the temperature of your extruder and buid platform, from wherever you are, even from your cellphone! (tested on Android)
  • manual control of reprap via GCodes
  • GCode file support
  • multiple chained prints via print queue



  • set and scan : just set the area and resolution of the scan, push the button and voila ! pointcloud!
  • store and download: the scan files are stored on the server side , and can be retrieved at any time
  • multiple viewmodes
  • easy chaining: by default, the machine will be set to home in between scans, so you can chain them without fear



  • very few dependencies: server 100% python , can be run with as little as the project’s source code, Python 2.6 and pyserial
  • lightweight: the current version comes at just about 2 MB
  • easy to set up : static file server for the interface as well as reprap control all in one
  • standard: normally , it should not require you to change your reprap’s firmware (except for scanning)
  • easy to use: nothing too fancy , just straight to the point
  • multiplatform: web based, so will work in any browser with javascript enabled (or you can send the commands directly via http from command line if you want to), 3d part requires a browser with webGl support


Planned Features


  • bugfixes
  • more bugfixes!
  • compatibility increase with other repraps / repstraps
  • streamlining and performance increase by eliminating brute force polling
  • fine grained control of the machine
  • full control of the reprap’s settings via the interface
  • rewrite of the reprap manager server side for performance and clarity increase
  • better documentation (a bit lacking right now)
  • better synch between clients and server (lots of things will be moved from the client to the server side)
  • stl support: automatic stl-> gcode conversion  : ie 1-download a file on thingiverse (for ex) 2-upload to print server 3-print ! : this is still far off
  • scan & print : scan the object and print it directly: this is still far off
  • detailed instructions on how to build the simple scanner that can be installed on most repraps (more on that in a future article)


A presentation of the software in action <videoflash type="youtube">RvZMali4vAM|640|480</videoflash>

Where to get it

You can download the necesarry files that include both server and client elements from github: [1] [2]

How to : install and configure

UPDATED 03/14/2011 ! Please get latest version to get it to work correctly

  • For now only tested with python 2.6
  • You will need to have pySerial & pyParser installed
  • Extract files
  • By default , the web server is now set to use wsgiref (no external dependency required) : to change that , just change the ServerType in the source/config.cfg file in the "WebServer" section to any other web server supported by Bottle (preferably Tornado for now)
  • if you use any other web server you must have its correct python package installed
  • change the port as well if necessary
  • launch the server using python
  • copy the adress displayed when starting the server in the line : listening on http:// SERVER_IP:SERVER_PORT

open a browser and paste the above ip : http://SERVER_IP:SERVER_PORT/index.html to use the interface and enjoy :)

Looking for feedback

While it works great on my own RepStrap (Doboz) it is still a very early, experimental software (use at your own risk;) , i am looking for feedback :

  • do you find it useful ?
  • would you like to see additional features?
  • did you give it a go? my aim is to have it compatible with most open source 3d printers, and can't do that without feedback ! ;)

More info

The latest releases will always be available here : [3] [4] And you can read more about the project here : [5] [6]