Dualwire-Gantry (DW-G)

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Release status: experimental

Description a mechanical arrangement that moves in 2 axis, while both motors are rigidly mounted to the frame.
License  ???
Author Kulitorum
Based-on [[]]
Categories DriveTrains Mechanical arrangement
CAD Models
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I read this article with great interest, while looking for a better alternative to h-bot or Core-XY:


And I was inspired by the simplicity and genius of the system, so I decided to build a 3d printer based on the ideas in that article.

Basically, the idea is to have two separate wire-setups, one for each axis, and have them interact in a way that makes one motor control one axis, while allowing the other to do its thing.

DW-G X-axis.jpg

DW-G Y-axis.jpg

I just finished wireing the two axies in a first-of-a-kind new principle 3d printer:


I have never seen this setup before, so I have named it Dualwire-Gantry (DW-G)