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Low cost, robust RepRap
RepStrap, RepRap
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The EchoRap is a simple and robust RepRap designed by Robotic Sequencing in Montreal’s first and only Fab Lab, ÉchoFab. It’s a low cost and simplified version of the original RepRap using tubes instead of threaded rods for a different geometry. The design is licensed under Creative Commons Non-Commercial</a>, so if you have acces to a 3D printer, you can print one for yourself or to give to a friend. Files to print parts are available on Thingiverse.

The design allows builders to build it as a RepRap or a RepStrap. All parts can be printed or cut. Assembly of the structure is very easy: tubes and simple coupling. The X Y Z axes can be enlarged using longer tubes and rods. Current table size allows the use of standard Mendel or Prusa heated beds. Gen7 Electronics, PrintrBoard rev D has been tested and works well. Other RepRap electronics can also be used. All the sofware is Open-Source.



Overall Dimensions: 510mm x 585mm x 540mm (20.1in x 23.1in x 21.26in)

Weight: 8.18kg (18lbs)

Usable Print Area: 220mm x 220mm x 200mm (7.9in x 7.9in x 7.87in)

VIDEOS The EchoRap is action, see it printing it's own parts: [2]


Items / Quantity


Y axis Tube 1.125" 14" / 2

X axis Tube 1.125" 15" / 2

Z axis Tube 1.125" 15" / 2

Top Tube Handle Bar 1.125" 23" / 1

Tube Joint / 18

EchoRap Specific Parts

P1Y NEMA 17 Mount / 1

P2Y Bearing Holder / 1

P3Z NEMA 17 Mount / 4 (Updated from 2 to 4 on Rev1)

P4Z Top Mount / 0 (Replaced by 2 P3Z)

P5X NEMA 17 Mount / 1

P6X Right Mount / 1

P7 Extruder Mount / 1

P8 Table / 1

P9 LM12UU Holder / 8

P10 Adaptor 1.125" to 12mmx0.5" long / 12

Moving Parts

12 mm Rod 13" / 4

LM12UU Linear Bearing 12x21x30mm / 8

608ZZ Bearing (to build structure, extruder not counted) / 2

5/16 18TPI Threaded Rod 13" / 2

Pulley GT2 36 teeth, 6mm width / 2

Belt GT2 497 teeth, 6mm width / 2


M3 X 12mm Socket Bolt (motor mount) / 20

M3 X 25mm Socket Bolt (P1, P2, P3, P4 attach) / 6

M3 Hex Nut / 6

Multipurpose Miniature Tie 102mm / 100

5/16 Nut / 4

M8 X 30mm Bolt / 2

M8 Lock Nut / 2

M8 Washer / 4

M8 Large Washer / 4

L-Shaped Metal Mount 50mmx50mmx12mm / 2


NEMA 17 Stepper Motor 62 oz-in / 5

PrintrBoard rev D / 1

Extruder Wade / 1

Hotend J-Head / 1

PCB Heated Bed MK1 or more / 1

ATX Power Supply / 1

Motors Cables / 5

Other Cables / 7


Files to make one on Thingiverse

Ordering one

échoRap Wiki(in french)

Firmware for PrintrBoard Rev D</a> on GitHub.

Firmware for RepRap Gen7 Electronic v1.3.1 on GitHub.