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ecksbot Documentation
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Release status: working

Ecksbot Fully Assembled.jpg
ecksbot sturdier and sleeker derivative of the Prusa 2.
CAD Models
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The ecksbot design is a sturdier and sleeker derivative of the Prusa 2 built on EckerTech innovations and putting a little more Sells Mendel back into the mix, making it a true and evolutionary RepRap.

We do not claim this as our own new design but rather another small step in the evolution of the RepRap hobby printer. It is designed around the concepts and efforts of the RepRap core team and should be considered as an extension of the project.

We would like to thank the RepRap core team for inspiring not just us but the entire RepRap community to design, redesign, innovate and think outside the box. Without the core team none of this would be possible.

Keeping with RepRap tradition the ecksbot is released on the GPL license making this a true RepRap 3D printer.

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The development of the ecksbot is hosted on github:

You can follow the changes on Changelog.

You can sign up for github for free and fork the project to begin working on it.

You can also join our forum @ for updates, a complete construction manual, Q&A and general topic discussion.

Bill of Materials

Printed Parts

Quantity Description Type Diagram
1 X - Carriage RP Ecksbot X Carriage.jpg
1 X - Motor Bracket RP Ecksbot X Motor.jpg
1 X - Idler Bracket RP Ecksbot X Idler.jpg
2 X - Belt Clamps RP Ecksbot X Belt Clamp.jpg
1 Y - Motor Mount RP Ecksbot Y Motor Mount.jpg
1 Y - Idler Bracket Left RP Ecksbot Y Idler Left.jpg
1 Y - Idler Bracket Right RP Ecksbot Y Idler Right.jpg
1 Y - Bearing Plate RP Ecksbot Y Bearing Plate.jpg
2 Y - Belt Clamps RP Ecksbot Y Belt Clamp.jpg
2 Z - Motor Mounts RP Ecksbot Z Motor Mount.jpg
2 Z - Motor Bar Clamps RP Ecksbot Z Bar Clamp.jpg
2 Z - Motor Mount Spacers RP Ecksbot Spacer.jpg
2 Z - Coupler Left RP Ecksbot Coupler Left.jpg
2 Z - Coupler Right RP Ecksbot Coupler Right.jpg
1 eckstruder Block RP Eckstruder Block.jpg
1 eckstruder Idler Block RP Eckstruder Idler.jpg
1 eckstruder Small Gear RP Eckstruder Small Gear.jpg
1 eckstruder Big Gear RP Eckstruder Big Gear.jpg
1 eckstruder Fan Cowl RP Ecksbot Fan Cowl.jpg
4 Frame Vertices with feet (left) RP Ecksbot Vertex Footed.jpg
2 Frame Vertices without feet RP Ecksbot Vertex.jpg
8 Bar Clamps RP Ecksbot Bar Clamp.jpg
3 Bearing Guide (Outer) RP Ecksbot Bearing Guide Outer.jpg
3 Bearing Guide (Inner) RP Ecksbot Bearing Guide Inner.jpg
4 Bearing Guide Hubs RP Ecksbot Bearing Guide Hub.jpg
2 Drive Pulleys RP Ecksbot Drive Pulley.jpg
3 Micro Switch Brackets RP Ecksbot Micro Switch Brackert.jpg


Quantity Description Type Comments
80 M8 nut Fastener
76 M8 washer Fastener
3 M4×40mm bolts Fastener
1 M4×40mm fully threaded bolt Fastener eckstruder idler bolt
13 M4x20mm bolts Fastener
4 M4x16mm bolts Fastener
23 M4 nuts Fastener
20 M4 washers Fastener
12 M3×20mm bolts Fastener
18 M3x10mm bolts Fastener stepper motor bolts
12 M3 nuts Fastener
32 M3 washers Fastener
1 Hobbed Bolt Fastener
1 M8×450mm Threaded rod
3 M8×435mm Threaded rod top / bottom
6 M8×370mm Threaded rod 3 per side (triangle frames)
4 M8×290mm Threaded rod front / rear
2 M8×210mm Threaded rod Z-leadscrew
2 8mm×425mm Smooth rod X-bar
2 8mm×406mm Smooth rod Y-bar
2 8mm×330mm Smooth rod Z-bar
1 8mm×28mm Smooth rod or Threaded rod eckstruder Idler
2 1,000mm×5mm T5 pitch timing belt Belt X & Y axis
11 LM8UU linear motion bearings Bearings
6 608 bearings Bearings
5 NEMA 17 bipolar stepper motor Motor We recommend using stepper motors with at least a Maximum Holding Torque of 60 oz-in
34 Zip Ties Consumables
3 Microswitches End Stop
2 springs Spring one each, for the X-Idler and X-Motor mount
2 Rubber bushings bushings rubber bushings for attaching the Z stepper motors to the couplers
1 Rubber dust guard Consumables rubber dust guard for the filament
1 eckstruder rubber grommet Consumables Rubber grommet or spring for eckstruder
1 extruder fan Fan