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Fab@Home Print Head

It would be an interesting idea. The major issue however is that they probably use different comm systems and chips, etc. it would be interesting to see if this would work. their syringe design is definitely well proven. they've got some pretty good usage info.

If we wanted some crossover with them, we could also always try and print their needed parts with our machine. That would be interesting. I don't think every Fab@Home machine needs to be made out of 24 karat laser cut acrylic ;)

-- Main.ZachSmith - 11 Feb 2007

We're right there with you, actually. My buddies and I are in high school, and we've decided we're going to build a 3D printer for our capstone engineering course. Lucky us, Cornell is right up the hill: we were able to visit the lab where the Fab@Home was conceived and developed. After talking with the great people up there, we decided that for our purposes, we'll be focusing on building a printer which uses the RepRap control system, but is compatible with Fab@Home toolheads and- get this- software. We're still relatively new to the community, so if anyone out there wants to tell us anything or point us to some useful resources, let me know. Expect us to have our own page soon.

-- Mcatoy - 11 Nov 2010