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Release status: Working

Description Open source hot end
License  Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 Unported
Author CADesigns
Based-on LulzBot/Budaschnozzle
Categories Extruders, Hot End
CAD Models Farynozzle
External Link Farynozzle


The Farynozzle hot end is a Budaschnozzle based hot end, consisting of several pieces in various matherials detailed below. This hotend can work continuously for tenths of hours at up to 250ºC. It is very reliable and have been tested for printing with ABS and PLA.



By default, the Farynozzle comes with a Vishay RWM06226R80JA15E1 (6.8ohm) -> ~21W @12V. It has also been tested with a 40W heat cartridge succesfully.


The default thermistor used in the Farynozzle is a Honeywell 135-104LAG-J01. It is a 100k thermistor compatible with most firmwares. Can operate up to 300ºC with a 10% tolerance.


Farynozzle vertical.jpg

From up to down:

  • Printable mount
  • Wooden laser cut mount
  • PTFE liner
  • Hexagonal spacers
  • Aluminium heatsink
  • PEEK isolator
  • Steel mount
  • Wood mount
  • Screws
  • Aluminum thread
  • Aluminum resistor block
  • Nozzle


The planes are freely available on github here

Where to buy?

Farynozzles are produced in Zaragoza (Spain) in small amounts. Buy it in Farynozzle.com

Farynozzle parts 1.jpg Farynozzle parts 2.jpg Farynozzle parts 3.jpg Farynozzle parts 4.jpg Farynozzle parts 5.jpg Farynozzle parts 6.jpg Farynozzle parts 7.jpg

Printing with FaryNozzle1.0 (video)

<videoflash type="youtube">2QbR87NMY5I</videoflash>