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  • First you might want to update the firmware of the board, the default firmware is not working for Foldarap.
    • Use the RepRapPro manual (I am not allowed to put links for the moment)
    • And the firmware provided for Foldarap and MELZI (I am not allowed to put links for the moment)
    • I didn't find the "SERIAL_R" value and so I did't change anything in the files from github and it was working fine
    • There is no ".ino" file but a Marlin_FoldaRap_MELZI.pde instead
  • It is maybe a good time to check if the stepper drivers are correctly set
    • refer to Melzi and RepRapPro_Setting_Motor_Currents (Vref = 0.4 for the nema14 and 0.44 or 0.45 for the extruder one)
    • usually you don't need to plug the power supply for that, if you have set the jumper to "usb" instead of "int", the board will be powered via the USB connection (it's ok for just checking the Vref, but it will never be enough to move or heat something).

Wiring (45-60 min)

Now lets plug everything to the board ! The Melzi is well legended and the wiring should be straightforward.


  • 18 AWG : power
    • board to power supply : 15 cm red/black wires
  • 22 AWG : heat
  • 26 AWG : sensors/motors (you may use the leftover from the motors)
    • Nema 14 sequence : red, blue, green, black FoldaRap Melzi wiring motors.jpg

Tips : if you don't have a ruler, the big alu profiles are 300mm long, e.g. : count twice the side of the machine to have enough length for the hotend and a little margin

  1. Y-motor (~30cm)
  2. Z-motors (~20cm and 25cm) FoldaRap Melzi wiring twinZ.jpg
  3. X-motor (50cm)
  4. Extruder-motor + fan (50cm)
  5. Y-endstop (green 32cm)
  6. Z-endstop (blue 25cm)
  7. X-endstop (red 50cm)
  8. Hotend-thermistor (blue 70cm)
  9. Hotend-heater (red 70cm)
  10. Hotend-fan (red/black 60cm) : directly wired on the 12v from the psu, or with the 12v input on the board
  11. Extruder-stepper fan: same
  12. (Optional) printed-part cooling fan: on the fan port, as most of the boards have one (turned on by sending Mcode "M106 Sxxx" (xxx being between 0 and 255), turned off by "M107" but Slic3r automate this)
  13. Bed-thermistor (blue 35cm)
  14. Bed-peltier
    1. Finish by the bed wires (peltier and thermistor), as they will move they need to be above all the other wires.