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Fully Printable Reprap

Release status: concept

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A Reprap With the Ability to produce a majority of it's own parts
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The fully reprappable reprap is the future of the reprap. It was designed in such a way that it could evolve, grow, and reproduce. It has many iterations ranging from miniature "cupcakeable" unit with a build area of 50mm*100mm devices to "super units" with a build area of 500mm*1000mm and in fact most units can create units that is even larger than themselves! It was designed as a type of reprapable repstrap, but evolved into a new type of reprap.


  • Uses a bowden extruder, allowing plastic support structure to be used.
  • Can use etch resist pen to make it's own circuit boards.
  • Can easily be printed by cupcake, Mendel, Huxley, or Darwin.
  • Every single part is at least partially made by the FPR including the device itself,the printhead(don't break your neck looking for a metal tip either,it is made of aerogel placed in a repraped mold to set),electronics,and eventually even the motors.


Make Pic's and STL's of version 2

Working Notes.

Everything below this point is working notes.




Version 2 (Current Version)


  • 3 bottom parts merged into 1 part
  • 3 side parts merged into 1
  • Modular build platform introduced
  • Rails removed from design (having the platform slide through side block and in rails is redundant)

Version 1


  • Retainer (Top part) larger than build area, and so had to be printed in two parts
  • Sides are printed in three parts rather than 1 part

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