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Second electron gun for SEM positioned close to the sample with mechanical XY positioning

Walk through including future possibility of Ion beam abrasion for future subµm subtractive machining.

Given Electricity is 2kwh per hour .5Euro/hr

Part A Stainless part size 300x300x200mm 15Kg 10µ Stainless powder (40Euro/kg) melt print 100µ Z layer thickness

1 minute per Z 100µ each layer heated melting-point – 20 0C then printed by beam

3.4 minute per Every 10th layer Z axis correction ; SEM ( part assumed to occupy 1/9 of whole print area; 1/9* 300*300=10 000<math>mm^2</math> measurement at every 10µ, SEM picture 500x500 pixel so 5mmx5mm, So for 10,000<math>mm^2</math> need 400 SEM pictures 10,000/25= 400 4x pictures from 4 pickups gives effect of different angles? for 3D picture reconstruction so real distances, 400 5mmx5mm pictures, 250ms a picture 400x.25 Sec = 100Sec or 1.66 min ( Risk of underestimate factor x100 )

Remove metal by Vaporization 1ms per 70µ diameter spot area 4000x10-6 <math>mm^2</math> ( 850µs duration & 150µs beam movement) 1/10 of part high(Risk of underestimate factor x2) ( 1/10*10 000<math>mm^2</math>/ 4000x10-6 <math>mm^2</math>= 1x105 spots 1x105 spots*1ms= 100Sec 1.66 min Time so far 200* Z correction layers 3.4 Min each + 1800 printed layer 1min each = 2480 min ( 1.7 days)

To add a 40mmx4mm = 160<math>mm^2</math> bearing surface by removing up to 40µ to achieve 0.1µ specification Ion beam abrasion 20min per 1<math>mm^2</math> 160*20min =3200min

Time total so far 200* Z correction layers 3.4 Min each 1800Min + 1800 printed layer 1min each 1800 = 2480 Min + ion beam bearing surface 3200= 5680( 4 days)

Cost 665 Euro materials 600Euro Electricity 65

Part B Aluminum part size 300x300x20mm 1.5Kg Aluminum 15Euro 10µ powder, melt print 100µ Z layer thickness

Time 20* Z correction layers 3.4 Min each + 180 printed layer 1min each = 248 Min 4 hours No ion beam abraison Cost 25 Euro materials 22 Euro Electricity 3 Euro