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GA3D_tech 3DMachine

Aim of the project :

1) take advantages of the CoreXY cinematic in a true 3 axis Cartesian robot, that is to say having the hotplate static.

2) Global design without frame to make the robot more adaptive to many application.

3) Incremental and modular design : the robot can be used and reused in many different application, project just by integration like a brick construction element

4) most compact as possible

5) Ugliness is hidden (salad of cable, belt, frightening gears, wheel and so on) are hidden as much as possible

6) The produced part is in the center of attention

7) Simple, low cost, based as much as possible on already established standards (openbuilds, ramps1.4 electronic, ...)

9) the size of the machine must be easily scaled

10) The design of the machine should allows the assembly of the machine with low cost parts (3D printed + openbuilds standards elements), but also with high manufactured part (i.e CNC machined aluminum part)

11) the machine is not limited to 3D printing process, but simple modular or incremental modifications allow the transformation of the machine in : laser engraving machine, CNC mill, CNC lathe, 3D scanner, hotwire cutter, wiresaw cutter, PVC cutter, pick and place robot, handwriting machine, etc... etc...

12) simple extension allow the machine to produce very high parts, very long parts

13) the machines can be combined together to make a multiprocesses, multicolor machine, multimaterial, etc...

14) The project will be entirely licensed under opensource licence (reprap GPL)

Cartesian Crossed CoreXY Cinematic


GA3D tech coreXYcartesiancrossed.png

GA3D tech designv0.png

Possible Application Designs

The aim of the project is to make a modular element, that can be easily integrated in many design. One particularity is that this design allow intrinsically a double functionnality, that is very advantageous. The System can easily be integrated on the side of a table, allow 3D printing on lifted bed, and laser engraving, or milling, or cnc lathing on the table. The Z axis can be placed either with the tool head, or under the whole structure, or under the heated bed. You can also use it for double printing, or continous printing or for drawing-plotting.

GA3Dtech base.png


GA3Dtech base crossed Zposint.png

GA3Dtech continousprinting.png

GA3Dtech doubledesign.png

GA3Dtech doubledesign table laser.png

GA3Dtech doubledesign table lathe.png

GA3Dtech doubledesign table milling.png