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This page describes something which is no longer the most recent version. For the replacement version see: Gen7 Board 1.4.1

Gen7 Board History   --   Gen7 Board is part of Generation 7 Electronics
Generation 7 Electronics v1.4

Gen7 Board v1.4 has received an enhancement while keeping the same PCB layout and is now superseded by Gen7 Board 1.4.1. The enhancement is a well researched, bigger MOSFET, making the heatsink obsolete.

Reason for the Bugfix Release

See Gen7 Research#Test_results. The numbers speak on their own, especially the ones in the second diagram (PWM at 76 Hz).

How to upgrade from v1.4 to v1.4.1

If your RepRap works fine and the heated bed MOSFET gets only moderately hot, there is no need to upgrade. If you're not that lucky, an upgrade means replacing the heated bed MOSFET with this part:

Name Count Designations Vendors Remarks
MOSFET IRLB 8743 1 Q2 RS Mouser

To ease desoldering the previous one, cutting it at it's pins is a good idea, so you can unsolder each pin seperately. After that, solder the new one in and ... you're already done. There's no need to reconfigure your firmware or doing other fancy things.

Technical Details

MOSFETs are usually vastly oversized, as even big ones still come with a reasonable price tag. So the simple reason for the replacement is it's better reliability and the heatsink going away. Board space for future expansions!