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Release status: working

Printable chassis 3D printer
CAD Models
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GOLEM_B - printable chassis 3D printer

by Michał (yru) Liberda with heavy inspiration by RepRap project (mainly Mendel)

A proof of concept working prototype of reprap (strap or something in between i guess) class 3Dprinter with potentially printable chassis. It's literally rock solid, cheap and recyclable. A very green printer :)

stl/openSCAD files and assembly instructions will come with C revision as the B was mainly designed while assembling.

I prefer EMC2 and have surplus of stepper drivers so electronics are more repstrap-like. I plan on systematizing this approach in another project as there are many ready to use parport stepper/servo drivers and step/dir/enable seems to work fine as interface


most parts don't stand out much, but three key features do and are worth mentioning at this point

1. printable frame. this one was actually casted in a mold, but given a concrete printer, or paste extruder like one, this could be printed even in ceramics. so this is not directly self replicable, but with mid stage (like insects). cost of aprox. 7kg concrete or even higher quality modeling mass - insignificant, couple of pounds/euro or a dozen PLN :)

2. very cheap, ultra short nozzle. the brass heated part is only 20mm long before ceramics insulator takes over and theoretically gradient from 240 to 80 degrees centigrade spans over just 15mm (still need to take some exact measurements, maybe put additional measuring point permanently, doing "extruder chassis overheat" by the way). the ceramic insulator is a standard, mass produced part. Machined nozzle could theoretically be made by hand with some skill and patience to minimize cost, though I do encourage to buy one from me :)

3. rock solid. counter weighted by definition. I see much potential in low power milling like proxxon 40W micromot hand mills. I will post test results.

currently working with 250mm/s @ 9000mm/s2 acceleration making parts for mendel90, I'd like to have first hand comparison.

golem on camera [1] - 0.25mmlayer 160mm/s@9000mm/s2 infill (to slow nozzle for 250 at this thickness) [2] - 0.2mm layer, 200mm/s @ 9kmm/s2 infill