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HackerBot Documentation


Cover panels
qty part name description/notes
4 Lower panel black PMMA 449x79x5mm
1 mid panel black PMMA 449x449x5mm
2 side panel PMMA 5mm 449x429x5mm
1 rear panel PMMA 5mm 449x305x5mm
1 connector panel PMMA 5mm 449x90x5mm
42 M5x10 button head screw
4 panel supports + M5x10 with post nut
1 Backside cables holder + M5x20 with post nut
1 mid panel chaincable holder + n.2 M3x10 + n.1 M3x12 + n.3 washer + n.3 nut
2 mid panel hinge + n.8 M5 nut + n.8 M5 washer
2 Door magnets
1 60x60x15 fan
1 60mm fan cover
4 M3x30 + n.8 washer + n.4 nut

qty part name description/notes
2 LCD supports 5mm PMMA
2 LCD supports (backside) 3mm PMMA

Hackerbot fully assembled

(OUTDATED, CHECK GITHUB) Side panel DXF: File:Hackerbot panels DXF.zip