Heating bed assembly

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Connecting X-axiz and Z-axiz | Power and LCD assembly | Extruder assembly | Heating bed assembly

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Need parts:

  • 1×Heated bed mount(23 part)
  • 1×Y-axis belt holder(26 part)
  • 4×SCS8UU linear bearings
  • 1×Belt(650mm)
  • 16×M4 * 10 screws
  • 4×M3 nut
  • 2×M3 * 16 screws
  • 2×M3 * 20 screw
  • 10×M3 flat gasket
  • 4×M3 * 25 countersunk screws
  • 4×8 * 6 spring

SCS8UU linear bearings assembly

Loosen the smooth rod fixing plate of Y-axis, out smooth rod 10cm, then put on SCS8UU,at the end reset smooth bar fixing plate, and tighten.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly.jpg
Prusa i3 heatbed assembly1.jpg
Prusa i3 heatbed assembly2.jpg

Y-axis belt holder assembly

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly3.jpg

Step 1

Insert the M3*20 screw,then tighten with M3 nuts.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly4.jpg

Step 2

Put the M3 nut into 26 part.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly5.jpg

Step 3

Screw toward the hexagonal hole.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly6.jpg

Step 4

With the two pieces M3 * 16 screws to tight the plate.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly7.jpg
Prusa i3 heatbed assembly8.jpg

Step 5

This hexagonal hole of the plate on the same side with the Y-axis motor, then tighten the screws with the M4 * 10.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly9.jpg
M4*10 screw

Belt assembly

Need parts:

  • 4×Ties
  • 1×belt 650mm

Step 1

With tie fastened at the 2cm position of belt.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly12.jpg
The wheel of the Y-axis motor

Step 2

Install the belt onto the screws. (This screw is the which is the near the Y-axis motor )

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly14.jpg

Step 3

Loosen the M4 * 30 screws of belt mounting plate, and then the other end of the belt from two single bearing wear to the next step.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly15.jpg

Step 4

Tie the other end of the belt with the above manner.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly16.jpg
Prusa i3 heatbed assembly17.jpg

Step 5

After tight , then set in the belt fixing plate screws.

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly18.jpg

Step 6

You can adjust the tension of the belt use the wrench(3mm).

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly19.jpg

Heating bed assembly

Need parts:

  • 1× Welded heating bed
  • 4×M3 * 25 countersunk screws
  • 4×M3 lock nut
  • 4×8 * 6 spring

Step 1

Place the heated bed, then fixing with M3 * 25 screws and M3 lock nut.(Exposed screw lock nut 2mm to 3mm it is easy to adjust heating bed.)

Prusa i3 heatbed assembly11.jpg