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Helios PCB Heatbed

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PCB Heatbed platform
CC SA 3.0
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The HELIOS heated bed is a sleek PCB based 3D printing platform that uses copper traces as the heating element. It is commonly used to prevent layer warping when printing ABS or PLA. It has the same hole patterns as the popular Prusa PCB Bed (209mmx209mm) so it is a drop in replacement for 200mm x 200mm build area beds. The overall dimensions has been increased to provide more space for the mounting holes and widen the power tracks supplying the heating traces. The PCB is 1/8” thick (2x that of the regular beds) to minimize warping and provide rigidity to allow mounting flexibility.


  • 1/8" Thick TG-170 FR4 PCB Material, RoHS
  • Fast heating, top facing PCB traces
  • Drop-in replacement for Prusa Heated Bed
  • Built-in pads and traces for thermistor
  • Power indicator LED soldered
  • Screw mounted wire terminals
  • Countersunk screw holes for completely flat top
  • Comes with woven ceramic bottom insulator and mounting hardware

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Mounting and Wiring

This new design allows several mounting options including using only 3 points for ease of leveling and countersunk screw holes are provided to keep the top surface flat. The heating traces face up and requires a glass or aluminum plate to provide a clean flat surface and help spread heat evenly.

Connecting thick power wires is now easier by utilizing wire terminals and secured by screws to the PCB. Two slots are provided for tie wrapping if required. Pads for mounting the thermistors is provided near the center of the bed and routes to two though hole solder pads near the LED for easy connection ( no more taping the thermistor wire under the bed).

The bed has a [+] and a [-] terminal to power up the power LED correctly.

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Documents and Files

Helios PCB HeatBed User Guide

Where to buy

Panucatt Devices