How to Create a Heat Tip From Scratch

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This page is an overview of making a heat tip
See the step by step process to create a heat tip.

After many trial and errors, creating a heat tip can often seem difficult. See the steps below to understand what to do to create a heat tip from the bare minimum of materials.

Set Up

1. Strip the metal extruder bare

2. Twist the heat protective wire to the end of a regular wire and solder them together (as seen in the youtube video below)

3. Connect the ends of the regular wires to the thermocouple wires

<videoflash type="youtube">Q9G9gaokqvM</videoflash>


3. Start wrapping the heat protective wire around the metal tip

a. Start with the middle of the heat protective wire
b. Wrap wire from the bottom to the top of the tip
c. Make sure the wire is tight


4. Add wet cement on top

5. Connect the heat tip to the printer

6. Connect the printer to the computer

7. Hold the metal base with rubber or thermally protective pliers

8. Heat the metal using the computer slowly and starting at 50 degrees

9. Gradually increase the temperature by 10 degrees once there is no smoke

a. The cement will heat and harden as it is desired


Material Importance Level DESCRIPTION When Used Where to Buy
Regular wire HIGH To connect thermocouple to heating wire Beginning Online
Thermo resistant Wire HIGH To heat the extruder Beginning Online[1]
Bored Metal Extruder HIGH To heat the extruder Beginning Manufacturer: Darwin/Thermoplast_Extruder
Thermo couple HIGH To read the temperature Beginning Manufacturer: [2]
Pliers MID To hot tip metal when getting hot Middle Hardware store
Cement HIGH To hot tip metal when getting hot End Hardware store