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Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status: concept

License GPL 2.0
Author Emmanuel
Based-on EMAKER_Huxley
Categories Huxley
CAD Models
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Huxleyeg basicconcept.jpg

Just an idea (not particularly for the huxley, but when choosing an order of scale I found it sufficient) :

for less shaking at high-speed put the extruder axis perpendicular to the triangular frame (for more resistance and thus maybe allowing more speed ?). While the mass of the bed rest at the base.

But that also make a prism-shaped print volume... (on the other side, we rarely print a real cube)

Huxleyeg basicconcept printvolume.jpg

Other intentions :

  • belt-driven Z-axis (a little motor in the center on the top, serve also to tighten the belt)
  • 2 sliding rails for the platform, quite cheap, like those for a drawer (idea of a friend, Adil)
  • vertical extruder axis with two linear bearings
  • one or more bowden extruders
  • few rods and printed parts

Maybe it's not a good idea, but I had to add share it here :P


  • can't print it's own big parts, but will be printable on a mendel (and can print the parts of a mendel)


Or a "prusa" (2 z-motor) variant