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Entries on this page are in no way an endorsement of quality of goods or service. Below is simply a list of suppliers. Do your research by Googling <company_name RepRap forum> before you buy. This will usually find other reprappers' experience with a given company on our forums.

This page is in the process of being updated. For a complete but provisional list of suppliers to be included, See Here.

See here for details of how to get included on this page.

RepRap is open-source hardware, so there is not a single place to buy it but rather many options. This competition is encouraged so that prices become lower over time. Below is a list of places to find RepRap parts or complete kits.


To remain fair, all vendors that sell here are up for review, the list is periodically checked if you find your listing is removed and you don't know why ask in the administration of the forum or on the relevant talk page, links in the future will be removed if they are broken, if the vendor has more than one link to them under different names, the vendor is actually carrying counterfeit items, or the vendor abusing other parts of the wiki with commercial links in improper places.

Please note that, because this is the internet, it is very easy to fake accounts. Please pay more attention to reviews of people that have 50-1000 posts in our forums than people that have only 1 post, regardless of whether it's negative or positive. We have had some problems with vendors creating accounts and trashing other vendors, or posting good reviews for themselves.

If you get bad service or poor quality product say so on the forums and help other reprappers. Also say if you get good service (it is human nature to complain more than to praise; so do this to keep an objective balance). Some vendors have links to reviews on the RepRap forum. If you wrote a review, mention it on the discussion page. Each entry in the table has space on the right for reviews, feel free to link to any good or bad feedback there. In the future every webshop here will have it's own wiki page where the review material will reside along with more information about what they stock and sell as well as other information


There are several subforums in the RepRap Marketplace and Job Shop, where people who have sets of RepRap parts for sale can advertise the fact and others can post requests to buy. Caveat emptor - while we try to keep complete rogues and con artists off this forum, it is open to the entire planet. Don't send money unless you're confident that you know what you're doing!

Also take a look at fellow RepRap developers selling printed parts on the wiki.

If you need help, task on IRC, or try the RepRap User Groups.

Project specific parts

Many project description pages in this wiki have a "Get it!", "How to get it" or similar section. So, if you're looking for something genuine, watch out there.

Also, projects usually come with a parts list / bill of materials (BOM). Many of these lists include links to vendors (such as hardware stores).

    • currently all the supplier sections are being consolidated for easier management as some pages have in the past been subjected to spam and have gone unchecked, companies have also been and gone but the links remain behind and are still being cleared up years later

Stepper motors

Information on Stepper Motors and requirements are on the stepper motor page. See the table below for a shop which sells them


Filament suppliers can be found on the Printing Material Suppliers page.

RepRap shops

This page is in the process of being updated. For a complete but provisional list of suppliers to be included, See Here.

All these vendors have an assortment of kits and/or parts specific to RepRaps. The list is non-exhaustive and contains both, good and bad quality RepRap-oriented vendors.

To find a shop in your country, click on this little box near "Loc." and you'll find all of them in one spot.

Vendor Loc.
 Full Printer Kits
 Printed Parts Kits
 Electronics Kits
 Heated Beds
 Smooth/threaded/bearings Rods
Developers of ... Reviews and notes
1UP3D IT ; Documenting Kirby a partially lasercutted printer
2PrintBeta DE Echinus Electronics
3D Industries AU Aluhotend
3D Stuffmaker AU
3D Machine BR
3D Maker World US Artifex
3DKarma UK Filament
3Distributed UK
3dfactory US HU Arcol Hotend 4, Hyena bolt
Austrian RepRap AT SE All you might need for your 3d-printer Reseller 3DLac
Charlie's 3D Technologies BE
Create 3D AU
Createc 3D ES
Diamond Age AKL, NZ Rroofl, DiamondMind, PTFE Hot End
DIY Tech Shop US
Easy RepRap US
eMotion Tech FR developing organic filament Prusa I3 Rework, µDelta, Vege3D
RepRap 3D Sweden SE
EckerTech CA Ecksbot
eDistri BE
electronic-things DE
Filament & meer NL
FlemingCNC US Isaac
FilaFarm DE
Filaments 3D Quebec CA
German RepRap DE
electronic things GmbH DE
HotEnds US J-Head
LulzBot US AO-100, AO-101, TAZ
MatterHackers US
MakerBot US Cupcake, Thing-o-Matic, Replicator, Replicator 2
MakerGear US Gear M, M2 1
Maker's Tool Works US MendelMax
Mendel-Parts NL Beluga, Luna, Orca 1
Mindkits AKL, NZ DiamondMind
MixShop CA
MorelliTech AU
Official Prusa Shop CZ Owned by Josef Prusa Prusa 3D printers and nozzles
ooznest UK
OpenElectronics IT 3drag
Think3dPrint3d UK Duet, Panelolu
ThingiBox ES Bearings, Accessories and other parts Prusa i3 ION
Uberclock Smoothieboard
Paoparts FR
Portabee SG
Printrbot US Printrbot,
3D Printers Online Store UK All latest Acryclic & RePrap Prusa i3 Printers/Kits
RepRapPro UK Miscellaneous RepRap Ormerod, Huxley and Tricolour Mendel
RepRap PT PT
Robotseed FR Smoothieboard
Easy RepRap USA
Semi-Utilitronic Industries UK DK   Diamond Hotend,
Stepper Expander,
Easy Stepper,
Power Expander,
MK3 heatbed aluminum core version,
PrintrBoard Rev.E,
Kitprinter3d ES SolidRay - SLA/DLP 3D printer kit
Replikeo HK Prusa i3 Dual Extruder kit
LinhKien3D VN 3DMaker LC Printer Kit
Marginally Clever CA  ?
Wild West 3D Printing and Supply UT