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The IOBox is a simple test tool that acts like any other RepRap networked component and allows direct control of I/O lines from the host PC. It is envisaged that this will be used for prototyping, and also by hobbyists keen to exploit the simple and inexpensive technologies developed for RepRap in other projects - please do! Currently there is no specific board, but is probably most applicable to the Stepper Controller board which could drive, say 4 relays instead of the stepper motor coils.


  • B1, B2: Comms
  • B0, B3-B7: Outputs
  • A0-A7: Inputs


  • 0: Get version
  • 1: Set outputs
  • 2: Get inputs


The compiled firmware is in the files section below. The source is in Subversion at reprap/firmware/iobox

The device resides at address 50 on the network.


echo 1 255 || tools/poke -d 50

Set all outputs to ON

echo 2 || tools/poke -d 50 -w

Read inputs (and display as decimal value)

For more details, see the Poke tool documentation.

-- Main.SimonMcAuliffe - 10 Feb 2006