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Integrated Parametric RepRap

Release status: Experimental

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A very simple parametric OpenSCAD Mendel/Huxley variant
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This is a page to document the evolution of a simple derivative of Mendel/Huxley.

It was originally inspired by Vik's efforts and more recently Prusa Mendel.

Some more general discussion is found at RepRapBreeding

The core files for the my development of an Integrated Parametric RepRap in OpenSCAD are:

IPR_DNA: All constants and calculations, the constants define all the possible things that make a specific robot unique. (ranging from desired build space to fastener and bearing sizes)

IPR_func: All "standard" modules, such as motor mounts, bearing mounts, hardware models, etc... currently this file "builds" the main frame out of the hardware specified in the IPR_DNA file.

IPR_parts: All the actual part modules.


Pre-Release 1 OpenSCAD DEVELOPMENT First pre-release of CAD files --Nicholas C Lewis 3:10 AM, December 6, 2010 (UTC)
Pre-Release 2 OpenSCAD DEVELOPMENT Second pre-release of CAD files --Nicholas C Lewis 3:24 AM, December 6, 2010 (UTC)
Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY These are CAD files for the Solid Model Assembly, --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Your-File-Name CAD FILES FOR PARTS These are CAD files for each part., --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Your-File-Name EVEN MORE FILES These are are even more files., --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)|-
Your-File-Name SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY This is the final finished machine N/A --Example User 12:00, Tomorrow's Date, 20xx (UTC)
Please edit this and click the links to put in your own files! --Sebastien Bailard 08:34, 10 September 2010 (UTC) 


I plan to keep ALL constants and calculated values in the DNA file and everything else in a few files that call the DNA and func files.

Here are my current rules:

  1. If it is a constant it lives in the DNA file.
  2. If it is a calculation that effects parts (not positional calculations but dimensional ones) it lives in the DNA file.
  3. If it is a module that anything else needs to call it lives in the func file.

The goal is to eliminate redundancy and simplify the whole process of generating a robots files.

Current Developments - early release of guide bearings - First pre-release of the core files ( and IPR_func_PRE_1.scad) - Second pre-release of the core files (, IPR_func_PRE_2.scad, IPR_parts_PRE_2.scad) - GitHub for most current files