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Kiwi remix 3D Delta Printer

Release status: working

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3D Delta Printer, with a wooden frame
CAD Models
External Link (did not work 30-12-2014)

The Kiwi Remix is a Delta printer with a wooden frame, which can be cut on a CNC machine or Laser cutter.

Features include:

  • Uses 3mm threaded rod cut to size for the platform bolts, carriage bots and connector rods.
  • 8mm smooth rod and LM8UU bearings, 3 per carriage for added stability.
  • Z min probe for auto bed leveling
  • Z min probe is activated by a servo mounted on the frame
  • LCD control panel
  • Tidy and compact
  • Small foot print
  • Heated bed to enable both ABS and PLA
  • 170 x 170 x 170 (mm) print volume
  • 3mm filament
  • Handy reel holder


Why design another Delta printer, in my part of the world where there is no heavy industry, in fact industry is farming, getting even the simplest nuts and bolts common in other regions can be problematic, so the design is based around very basic commonly available nuts and bolts. The retainers for the Carriage, platform and the connecting rods are cut to length M3 threaded rod (if I could have got a piece of high tensile 2.5mm fencing wire straight enough I would have used that for the connecting rods. I do use cut up gumboot for the rubber stoppers on the base though). Also the Greg wades extruder has been updated to take 4mm bolts instead of 3mm (I couldn't get 3mm long enough), also sized to accept 3mm filament.

One of the interesting features and innovations is the servo controlled z-min probe, the servo is mounted on the frame and uses a standard bicycle brake cable to connect to a hinged end-stop on the hot end platform.

The reason for the 3 LM8UU's per carriage is histoical now - New Zealand has been metric for years - decades but for what ever reason it doesn't matter what steel place you ring they only supply 8mm rod in imperial size's no true 8mm its 7.68mm which has a little bit of bearing play and is also noisy (bearing slap), but I have managed to find one locally now which does supply metric rod (Tata steel in Petone 3m lengths) so it could go back down to 2 bearings per carriage in future revisions.

Assembly guides

Currently there is not a full assembly guide only the wooden parts assembly guide

File:Kiwi remix wooden parts assemply guide.pdf

Kit Sets

  • Kit Set A, Wooden and plastic parts
    • All 5mm MDF precison CNC machined parts
    • All 9mm ply precision CNC machined parts
    • Hobbed bolt - for extruder
    • 2 Part Extruder - printed on a Kiwi Remix printer
    • 2 Herringbone gears for the extruder
    • Dial knob for the controller
    • Small cable holder
    • 32mm dowel reel holder
  • Kit Set B, Mechanical Parts
Type Item Quantity
Nuts M3 36
M3 36
M4 5
M3 Nyloc 12
M8 5
M8 nyloc 3
Bolts M3 x 10 (Stepper) 12
M4 x 10 5
M4 x 25 15
M4 x 40 2
M8 x 40 (Half thread) 3
M4 x 20 4
M3 Stainlesss threaded rod Cut to 70mm 6
Cut to 230mm 6
Washers M3 48
M4 7
M8 15
Bearings ZZ608 (Skate board) 3
GT2 Belt 5mm Cut to 1340mm 3
M8 Smooth Rod Cut to 550mm 6
PTFE tube ID=3.25mm OD=6mm Cut to 80mm 1
Standard Bycycle Brake Cable (z-probe) Cut to 80mm 1
Wire Ties 100mm 32
GT2 5mm Pulley 16 tooth 3
Traxxas #1942 Rod end UVJ 12
  • Kit Set C, Electronic Parts
Type Item Quantity
Controller Arduino Mega 2560 1
Ramps 1.4 1
Mechanical endstops 3 towers 3
Micro switch z-probe 1
Stepper Motors Nema 17 4
Stepper Drivers Pololu A4988 4
12v Power Supply 30 amp 1
Z-probe servo Standard servo 1
Power On off switch + Cable 1
Reprap discount controller 1
Heated Bed (link to heated bed) 1
Hot end (link to hot end) 1
5v Regulator (power for the servo) LM 7805 1
Dupont connector for stepper motors 4
Misc wires extend servo wire
end stop wires
extend extruder stepper

Design files

The DXF, STL and scad files can be found on Thingiverse

web site