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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Example and Columbus 
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Example Development

Release status: experimental

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documenting a generic tool/artpiece
CAD Models
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This is 600 pixels wide, and on the left.

Kludgebot SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY These are CAD files for the Solid Model Assembly .xml.zip, .stl.zip --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Kludgebot CAD FILES FOR PARTS These are CAD files for each part. .xml.zip, .stl.zip --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)
Kludgebot EVEN MORE FILES These are are even more files. .xml.zip, .stl.zip --Example User 12:00, Today's Date 20xx (UTC)|-
Kludgebot SOLID MODEL ASSEMBLY This is the final finished machine N/A --Example User 12:00, Tomorrow's Date, 20xx (UTC)
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Projected cost is $500 for a completed bot

Personal Thoughts

Design goal: This is designed to be cheap and easily assembled by anyone with a minimal toobox. It should require no more than a screwdriver, hacksaw and file, though other tools may be required in the end. The printed part list is being kept to a minimum, so those of you who don't already have printers won't have to shell out $2-300 for a set of parts to get started. The majority of the parts are either readily available from multiple sources or are easily sourced from reputable vendors who ship globally with reasonable shipping costs. Whenever possible, multiple sources will be listed, and if you know of a source that I am missing, please list it here or in the talk page. For those of you who DO have printers, as many of the parts as possible are available in printed equivalents. The goal is to be as flexible as possible.

Projected final cost including the entire mechanical stage, but not including motors, extruder, or electronics is under $200, and that could be reduced under $150 if you have access to a printer to increase the printed part content.

This is not designed to be a bridge bot that you use to make some better bot. While I am designing it to be as simple to get started, it is designed as a first class bot and a true reprap, not a repstrap (though I call it a "Vitamin-Rich RepRap" since I favor off-the-shelf components over printed ones where it makes economic sense to do so).

More Examples