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Laywood 250.jpg

Wood filament LAYWOO-D3 is a wood/polymer composite - the filament contains recycled wood and harmless binding polymers. The material has similar thermal durability as PLA and can be printed between 175°C and 250°C. "After printing it looks like wood and smells like wood."

Depending on the temperature you can even print wooden-like objects with annual rings. At 180°C, the prints has a light color, at 245°C it becomes darker. Afterwards the printed objects can be cut, grinded or painted.


  • near zero warp
  • rough or smooth surface possible during one print
  • printable tree-rings
  • stick well on print bed, no heated bed necessary
  • recommended extruder temperature 185°C (bright) to 230°C (dark color appearance)
  • the filament contains 40% recycled wood

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