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Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status:

License GPL
Author AdrianBowyer
Based-on Lorenz
Categories Lorenz
CAD Models FreeCAD
External Link none



This is a delta RepRap design named after Konrad Lorenz.

It’s not yet complete, but if you want to get the CAD files it’s on Github here.

There is also a Facebook group for it here.

There is nothing majorly innovative about it, but it was designed with the following in mind:

Few trailing wires - they are buried in the prints wherever possible

Generic axis that can work for a delta or Cartesian design

No timing belts - the drives are fine wires coiled on smooth pulleys

No bearings - or rather printed bearings running on PTFE sliders made from Bowden tube

Hollow axis rods to allow services to run up the middle of them (including the Bowden tube)

Axis rods used also as electrical connections

Adjust, clamp, then glue to get accuracy in the dimensions of the machine


Almost all fixing screws are self-tapping, so few nuts

This page will be updated with further details soon.