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Release status: Working

MKS BASE V1.0.jpg
Description Single board solution, Remix of Arduino MEGA 2560 and RAMPS 1.4
License GPL
Author Maker Base
Based-on Delta
Categories Electronics, Electronics development
CAD Models File:MKS Base V1.0
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The MKS Base boards are based off of the classic Arduino MEGA 2560, RAMPS 1.4, and A4988 trio with some other differences. It uses a PCBA layout that combines many major features of the aforementioned components.

MKS Base V1.0 uses the ATMEGA2560 with 256K flash memory, the same one as the Arduino MEGA 2560. It uses an FTDI FT232R device for the USB/serial connection rather than the ATMEGA16U2 of the ARDUINO MEGA 2560. For power input, it uses the L5970D, replacing the LM1117-5.0, which allows the MKS Base V1.0 to support both 24V and 12V input. The MKS Base V1.0 also uses XH series sockets. Current version is MKS SBASE v1.3.

Configuring Arduino

MKS Base V1.0 should be supplied with Marlin firmware. You can also use the Arduino IDE to upload different firmware to MKS Base V1.0 board through the ICSP PIN. While uploading the blue LED should be lit and the RX/TX LEDs should blink quickly.

Basic setup

This photo illustrates how to connect the board. (Note that the power inputs E1/E2 should instead be labeled E0/E1.) The Pin Map is included in the PDF file below (File:MKS BASE PINS.pdf) for reference.

MkS Base1.0.jpg

Configuring for Two Extruders

For a second extruder (E1) the board will use Heater 1, D7. For Marlin 1.0.3 and later, use #define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_MKS_BASE

For earlier versions of Marlin you will need to modify the pins.h file:

Replace the "-1 " with "7" in this block of code:

  #define HEATER_1_PIN       -1
  #define HEATER_1_PIN       9    // EXTRUDER 2 (FAN On Sprinter)

In Marlin 1.0.0-1.0.1 the code looks like this:

  #define HEATER_1_PIN       -1
  #define HEATER_1_PIN       9    // EXTRUDER 2 (FAN On Sprinter)


File:MKS Base V1.0


How to get it


Maker-Base v.1.0 from US to Worldwide

Maker-Base v.1.4 en France